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Do you know how to play the game of Bingo? It is a very simple game that does not require any expertise or intelligence to play. However, there are no specific rules to play bingo as it depends upon the place and environment it is played in. Rules of a club may be different from another and rules at a website might differ from the rules defined at other websites. You must always refer to the information provided about the rules of playing bingo at every location or website. Even though there are no specific rules to play multiplayer bingo but there are some common procedures that are followed to play the game of bingo. First of all, every player purchases one or more bingo cards. You need to mark all the numbers, letters or positions called by the host and mark them with a marker. For example, if host calls the number B5 then you need to find the column B and then find 5 in that column. If you find the number 5 in column B then mark it. Repeat the procedure of marking the combinations over your card. If you are lucky then you would mark winning pattern numbers such as a line in horizontal, vertical or diagonal pattern. Once you have won a pattern, all you need to do is to yell out BINGO and verify your numbers with the host. After verification collect your jackpot or prize and be a bingo winner among the rest.

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It is always better to arrive early at the club or hall and choose a seat near to the host so that you can hear him or her easily. It is also important as you need to yell BINGO as soon as your pattern is complete before another number is called otherwise you lose winning for that pattern. It is also advised that you do not purchase more cards than you can handle or mark. You need to practice your skills to mark the number quickly. Keep your concentration on the pattern that needs to be marked and not on all the numbers. For this, the best practice is to mark all the squares in advance that are not required. Experienced players do not need such advance markings as they can visualize the picture of pattern on the card but it is very useful for every novice player. It is advised that you hear all the instructions before the game begins as in some bingo games you need to mark all the called numbers with a marker. You may also use handheld bingo devices in which you only need to punch the numbers called by the host and your device will automatically mark the numbers. You can play multiple cards with such devices. Don’t wait! Play a game of bingo today!

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