World Bingo

Although most people would like to think that bingo is the same all around the world, it isn’t and there are quite a few variations depending on the country. The top countries in the world that bingo is played is: Mexico, USA, UK, Scandinavia, Spain, Italy and Japan.

How is bingo different in these countries?

USA – Similar to games in Scandinavia however all of the balls aren’t listed on the cards
Scandinavia – The game is played with 75 balls and all balls are on the bingo cards
Uk & Italy – The bingo games are similar and cards could contain up to 90 numbers
Spain and Japan – Bingo is similar to playing slot machines

But one thing that Bingo has in common around the world is that it is a social behavior where you go with friends and play against others. Playing online is fun because you can meet more players and win at the same time. With the economy at a bad stage, driving and going to a local bingo hall is more expensive that it use to be. Playing Bingo at home with video chat or normal chat is just as fun and cheaper.

Online bingo is faster because you have the option of auto checking the numbers on the cards and you’re able to follow a lot faster. Most bingo games online have fast and high payouts, which is important. The game in general keeps you interested when the pot is growing and you have chances of winning a lot of cash.