Bingo Rules

Are you tempted to play game of Bingo? Yes, this is a popular game played both in clubs and online on the internet. Bingo is a game in which players purchase cards that consists of numbers on a grid. The numbers are then drawn at random by a host or an automated number selection mechanism on the internet. Player is required to mark the numbers on his or her bingo ticket. Winnings may be for complete match of all the numbers in a specified pattern. If your ticket has a winning pattern then you can earn the corresponding prize for that.

Bingo is known to be a game of luck and every other club or website has their unique set of rules. You should refer to the game guidelines and rulebook before starting the game. Some common rules of Bingo are as follows:

  1. Minimum age to play Bingo is eighteen years in almost every club or website.
  2. You should carry a photo identity card along with you. Some clubs would require it even if you win a big jackpot for tax related issues.
  3. If you are playing an online Bingo then you need a credit card to pay for the tickets and a bank account where your winning funds would be transferred.
  4. You need to have a Bingo ticket to enter the Bingo play hall or website. It is not possible to enter in without a ticket. Some clubs or website may issue you an attendance ticket if you do not want to play but wishes to view the game.
  5. Whenever the pattern in your Bingo ticket is completed, you need to yell Bingo so loud that the host can hear you easily. It is therefore necessary that you pay attention on the called number and try to arrive early and book front seats.
  6. Many a times, it happens that some websites or clubs issue duplicate Bingo tickets and the winner is one who clicks the Bingo button first or yells Bingo before anyone else does.
  7. It is not possible to reserve special Bingo cards. This is done to ensure clubs or website integrity towards all the players.
  8. It is very important that you be honest and follows all rules and regulations of the club or website.
  9. Make sure that the eatables or drinks are allowed in the premises or not.

Keep all these rules in mind as it would help you play the game of Bingo in its true spirit and you will enjoy a lot.