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Bingo Palace has online support for those who may encounter any problems or just have a suggestion that they may have for any of the games or promotions.  There are MANY unique bingo games available some of which you can bet on the bingo game that you are currently playing, casino games, keno, rouletter, video poker and more.

Multiplayer Bingo Games at BingoPalace

  1. Letter T
  2. Letter X
  3. Plus Symbol
  4. Letter H
  5. Four Corners
  6. Pound Symbol
  7. Happy Face
  8. Solid Heart
  9. Heart Outline
  10. Waterfall
  11. Turtle
  12. Bar
  13. Mini t
  14. Airplane
  15. Small x
  16. Drawing Pin
  17. Coffee Mug
  18. Rabbit Ears
  19. Outside Box
  20. Dog
  21. Sword
  22. WaveFish
  23. Palm Tree
  24. Fly Swatter
  25. Basket